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Dr Lee

Herbal Sauna Detox
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Clinical Use of Vitamin C IV (intravenous)
Foot Bath Detox FBD
Herbal Sauna Detox


Herbal Sauna Detox

Nutri-Med Integrated Health offers a Herbal Sauna Detox.  It safely and naturally removes dangerous toxins from the body through the skin. 

Detox naturally with a special blend of herbs that will detoxify  your body in 30 minutes without taking so many supplements (pills).

Benefits of the Herbal Sauna Detox ( 30 minutes)

  1. Remove Heavy Metals (Mercury, Lead, Nickel, etc.)

  2. Weight Loss

  3. Detox your Body and Skin

  4. Relieve Body  Aches and Pains

  5. Improve Circulation

  6. Loosen  Body Muscles

The Herbal Sauna Detox is very helpful for  those patients struggling with overcoming various addictions ( alcohol, drug,  tobacco, etc.)