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Dr Lee

Bio-Energetic Meridian Assessment (BEMA)

Bio-Energetic Meridian Assessment (BEMA)
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Bio-Energetic Meridian Assessment (BEMA)

Bio-Energetic Meridian Assessment is simply a term used for describing a method of assessing energy imbalances in the body based on electrical measurements taken at specific acupuncture points. Typically, it is used to conduct comprehensive evaluation of a person’s energetic health and balance. It is a revolutionary profiling tool that provides Dr. Lee with objective patient data that assists in determining what major systems and organs of the body are stresses or weakened and what “homotoxicology* phases” are potentially in process.

This process involves measuring electrical conductivity at responsive points (meridian points) on the skin – typically on the hands and feet. The locations of the test points generally correspond to those of acupuncture points. According to medical research, acupuncture points are related to the body’s nine system and Major groups or points are connected through channels or meridians. Twenty of these meridians begin or end on the hands and feet.

*Homotoxicology (human-toxins) include all of those substances (chemical or biochemical) and non-material influences which can cause illness in humans. Their appearance results in regulation disorders in the body.  Every illness is due therefore to the effects of homotoxins. Homotoxins may be introduced form the outside the body or originate inside the body itself.